About Us

Chris has been in the antique field for over 20 years, dealing in Civil War collectibles and Old West antiques. Many of the items will be in the catalog, but below is a list that he has acquired over the years.

Chris’ Story…From the Horse’s Mouth

I started out driving the roads in Oklahoma when I was 18 years old. I would go to sale barns, flea markets and anyone that had horses or an old barn. I would stop and ask “do you have any old spurs you would sell?” I put a small collection together in about 6 months. As I got better in the field of collecting spurs, I moved on to collecting and trading in saddles, old chaps, bits, etc; After about a year of traveling the roads and putting a small collection together, I went to my first spur show. Boy, was it exciting to see all the different spurs, saddles, chaps and anything that related to the old west. I was really hooked on this old stuff.

I found a older man from Texas and sold my collection of spurs. After selling my collection, I thought I would never see a poor day. As time went on, I moved into the field of civil war items. I did the same thing, hitting the road, going to shows and learning the business.

Through the years I have put some really good items back and will be adding them to my new website. Although it will be hard to part with a lot of the items, I feel it is time. I hope new collectors or dealers will enjoy the items as I  have through the years. Feel free to browse around and hopefully you will find something you can’t live without.


So, You Don’t See What You Want in Our Antique & Collectible Catalog?

As a result of the many years in the industry, he has acquired a large list of connections, so if you would like to contact him to see if there is something he can acquire for you, please contact him at 417- 860-3635 or by email.